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A90 Prehab: Self-Screening & Corrective Exercises (Video Course)

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Ask yourself: have you ever had an injury? And if so, did you take the proper steps to actually regain strength, mobility and movement patterns before starting to train again?

The top two predictors of an injury, are a past injury and an asymmetry. Why? Because they can alter movement patterns and thereby cause issues in other areas of your body.

Injury prevention should always be based on the individual. Therefore an effective screen is needed before doing corrective exercises.

That is why we at Angles90 teamed up with Davide Lorenzi, a sports-therapist specialized in screening, rehabilitation and training therapy.

Together, we offer an exclusive video course on how to perform an upper-body screen yourself (with a shoulder focus) and show you corrective exercises based on its results.

Screen yourself now and get your prehab done!

  • 1hour+ video material
  • 10 self-screens
  • 25 corrective exercises

Customer Reviews

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Great value for money. Helped me to get better with my 51 years old shoulders and elbows...


So much valuable information! Don't watch the videos in a row and take your time for the screens.

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