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A90 Athlete Set

A90 Athlete Set

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Combine typical resistance band and sling trainer benefits with those of an ergonomic handle!

In other words, train your whole body in a joint-friendly and intensive way while using a handle that perfectly adapts to your hands' form.

Package includes:

  • Angles90 (2 grips + carabiner)
  • A90 Sling Trainer (2 straps + bag)
  • A90 Resistance band (2 different bands)
  • Exclusive A90 exercise PDF

    A90 Sling Trainer features:

    • Easy length adjustment
    • Smallest sling trainer on the market
    • Certified for 550lbs
    • Attachable to trees and thick bars too

    A90 Resistance Band features:

    • Two different band strengths
    • Length-adjustable trough the handles
    • Supported pull-ups possible
    • Perfectly transportable