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**Full instruction PDF:Here


Only 3 seconds per handle means more time to
focus on your workout

Hold it right already

You have decided which grabbing method to use. Now position the handle in a 90° angle towards the horizontal bar. The finger cavity is faced inwards.

Make a loop

Only now do a loop with the strap. Herefore, put the handle through the strap. Pay attention to keep the strap straight while continuing to position the handle like in the picture before.

Grab and start

Now put your middle finger through the strap (on the finger cavity) by grabbing the handle fiercly and tightly. The strap won’t move anymore once you start pulling.


Helpful for deadlifts, lat-pull downs and certain
rowing machines.

Handle towards bar

After picture 3 above, now move the handle towards the bar. Now take the upper end of the strap while holding the handle with the other hand.

Use belt-shortener

Insert the upper end of the strap in one of the side slits. Might your bar be too thick, look in our FAQ which tricks can solve the problem.

Start training

Now simply description 3 from above. By using a normal bar (3cm diameter) your Angles90 handle will only be about 2 to 3cm away from the bar anymore.


The main exercises: Some should be performed
by using the neutral grip, for others the rotating