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When founder & CEO Simon Sparber cut off the handle from an old ski stick to try out some pull-ups, a product idea was sparked that would forever change the way we pull our weights today.

We started co-designing the first handle with the academic faculty of strength training ergonomics from TU Munich. This was followed by developing and testing over 70 different prototypes with over 300 athletes.

Half a year later, Angles90 got patented and was ready to be launched in March 2018. Down the road until today, June 2021, quite a few milestones have been reached.

Angles90 today proudly reports a client base of 60 thousand athletes as well as hundreds of professionals spread among 90+ countries. Also, we are about to strengthen our brand identity with additional products that are all aligned to our vision: Making strength training more natural, thus more effective and joint-friendlier.

Simon Sparber (28) is a lifelong health & fitness enthusiast with a Master’s degree in entrepreneurship. Originally hailing from a small town in the Italian Alps, he spent more than a decade as a gymnast, after which he gravitated to traditional gym-based strength training. Developing a deep knowledge in that field, as well as Simon's tight network of physiotherapists, eventually contributed to the successful product development of Angles90.

Ski stick grips (2016) >> Product development

Ski stick grips (2018) >> Our final product


We strongly believe that a healthy, ergonomic training style is able to build strength and size while preserving joints simultaneously. How that works is actually no secret: Move and train in a way our body was designed for instead of adapting to a limited number of machines and grip positions for decades.

This is why we started our journey with developing a grip that adapts to you and not the opposite. Our grips especially are needed at pull movements where omnipresent fixed, horizontal bars both limit muscular development as well as wrist, elbow and shoulder health.

As our community and brand started to grow, so did our vision. In fact, a healthy training style is not only about ergonomic grips on back days. It's a concept we now offer for the whole body. From an even broader perspective we try to pursue, the game really kicks off once you start combining more natural training angles with other factors like healthy workout environments (outdoor!) and the proper workout know how.

Founder Simon Sparber and co-founder Leander Leitner Dissinger

In late 2019, one of Simon's best friends, Leander entered the company and eventually signed a late-co-founder contract in 2020. Whereas he mainly serves as Head of Finance and Expansion, Simon is managing marketing and product product development.