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Deadlifts - More efficient in the neutral grip

Deadlifts performed with a "t-bar" (a bar typ that lets you train in the neutral grip) resulted in more strength and explosiveness compared to conventional deadlifts with a straight bar. Deadlifts in the neutral grip can also be done by using Angles90.

Study: ;

Size - Train muscles, not movements

If you train a certain exercise only, your performance will only increase for that specific exercise. This means you won't get better at other movements which require that same muscle. So if you are only exercising pull-ups in the overhand grip, it's likely you won't see that result at other grip angles. With Angles90, you can add dynamic, whole-movement exercises to your workout.


Pull-ups - Best with rotating grip

In comparison to overhand grip pull-ups or underhand grip pull-ups (also chin-ups), the researchers revealed that by using a rotating grip instead, your lats get activated more intensively. In addition, you tend to have more strength than in the other two grip methods.


Shoulders - injured most often

More than 10 studies have found that resistance training can lead to a wide range of shoulder injuries. Approximately a third of all gym goers currently struggle or used to struggle with this issue. The causes can be many. Focusing on the wrong grip positions is one of them.


Isometric training - new muscle stimuli

Isometric resistance training (which can also be performed with the A90 Carabiner) challenges your muscles with other stimuli than isonotic training/ conventional hypotrophy training does, because it keeps your muscles under permanent tension.



Being 100% transparent is part of our start-up’s identity.

Some of the athletes received our grips for test purposes.

However, all athletes below never got paid by us. Neither to promote our grips by providing feedbacks, nor by posting about Angles90 on any social media platform.


“As a canoeist, for years I’ve been doing heavy barbell rows. Somehow though, it has always bothered me to only use the overhand or underhand grip, since our sport actually requires much more dynamic movements. Angles90 allows me to solve exactly this problem.”

— Jakob Weger, Italy, European Champion in Kayak (2018)

"With the Angles90 grips I am able to make pull-ups and dead-lifts much more functional. Exactly what i needed."

— Omar Visintin, mulitple winner of the world cup and olympic athlete, Snowboarding, Italy

"We already had the oppurtunity to use the Angles90 grips. It worked very well. I am looking forward to trying the grips on the barbell as well."

— Klausner Florian, Athletic Trainer of the football team FC Nürnberg, Germany 2018

"I am very convinced of the Angles90 grips. It is an awesome tool to increase your range of motion and to train your stability."

— Andreas Gerg, trainer of the german U18 national ice hockey team

"The grip is awesome. You can use them in many different ways to add variety to your training."

— Kevin Jendrass, Personal Trainer of actor Matthias Schweighöfer, 2018

"Very well processed. You can feel that it is a high quality product! I mainly use them for my cardio training at the rowing machine. The advantages of them are obvious."

— Stephan Pütz, Germany, Professional MMA Fighter

Physios/ Docs:

"I wouldn’t post about them if I didn’t think they were a quality product that some of you might benefit from."

— Dr. Caleb Burgess, USA, certified specialist in Orthopedic Physical Therapy, 175k IG followers

"I am very impressed by these handles."

— John Gearon, AU, equipment buyer for the Australian Defence Physiotherapists and Australian Soldier Recovery Centres

“Extremely comfortable for patients with wrist problems, since they can freely choose their grip position. Also the form of the handle was judged positively by our clients. A good alternative to pre-defined grips in gyms.”

— Oliver Schmidtlein (OS Physio), former Fc Bayern physiotherapist, Munich

“The use of Angles90 is practically changing the way how your shoulders get loaded. The glenohumeral joint/ AC joint is not being exposed to maximum stress levels anymore which in turn implies in less cartilage damages. In other words: The risk of arthrosis is being lowered.”


Personal Trainer:

“So I have been playing around with different variations for use of your awesome product. I have Rhys using them for what I call shoulder Prehab.”


“I tested the Angles90 with Leoni and we liked it! I think the grips will travel with me to Wales and Poland, awesome piece of kit and super light.”

— Sabina Skala, UK, S&C Coach of Jiu Jitsu IBJJF World Masters Champion Leoni Munslow

“One of the few fitness product innovations this year I really think are interesting.”


"The Angles90 grips are incredibly conducive for deadlift variations (…), because the handles can be rotated and pulled back behind the lifters shins so that the load is essentially closer to the center of mass similar to a trap bar making them more spine-friendly."

— Dr. Joel Seedman Ph.D., internationally recognized exercise physiologist and neuromuscular expert, USA


"Plenty of my clients use them for all kind of pulls. Great product."

— Coach thalin, Sweden, PT of NHL player Niklas Hjalmarsson and National Swedish Rowing Team

"Look great. (…) your shoulders are built for rotation, so you at least want to mix in the rotational action on the regular."

— Gaddour, USA, former Men’s Health fitness director, 383k IG followers

"I really like the feel of these things. Can’t wait to try some other exercises with them."

— Joe DeFranco, USA, onwer Defrancos Gym, one of America’s top 10 innovative gyms

Bodybuilder: comment so far, but using them at his gym „zoo culture“ since Nov ´18

— Bradley Martyn, USA, social media star, 270+ mio video views on YT

"These are f___ fabulous. I’m so excited."

— Eleonora Dobrinina, Canada, WPD 2X Olympian Worldwide Physique, 700k IG followers

"I really, really like the range of motion they can add to some exercises. I think I am gonna use them for a long time."

— Tristan Defeuillet-Vang, France, Youtuber, 290k IG followers (NUR FR)

"People come and try my grips in the gym."

— Mickael Louvel, France, Overall Muscle Beach Champion 2017, 80k followers

"In comparison to fixed bars and grips, the Angles90 grips spare the wrist. What is more, thanks to these grips i am able to train my latissimus in a more isolated way."

— Manuel Peer (21y old), Italy, WABBA Champion 2018

"Great product. Constantly used in my gym and my clients training."

— Luke Nichols, UK, 6x National Champion & Nabba UK masters 2018

“I definitely get a greater contraction of my lats. The Angles90 allow more movement through the wrist which leads to a greater ROM. Last but not least: Easy to use! Can go on anything!”

— Josh Maley, UK, NABBA Mr. Universe 2017

“Angles90 allows me to execute the most fundamental back exercises out of countless new angles. This fosters my size and strength development. Moreover, the handle form confers me a nice grip feeling.”

— Stefan Hauser, multiple vice champion of the Bavarian Championships (Bodybuilding)

"The back is a muscular group that is very difficult to "feel". Depending on the movements, unfortunately we can compensate with the arms and shoulders. The Angles90 grips absolutely change that."

— Nassim Sahili, France, Fitness Trainer und Youtuber (400k subscribers)



"Nearly all of the pulling exercises benefit from a more ergonomic way of gripping and the rotation during the movement."

— Peter Bears, Germany, World Masters Overall 2018, German Overall 2017 & 2010

"They are awesome. You can tie them around every bar and turn freely around to achieve better range of motion."

— Stephan v. Leijenhorst (papa_steef), Netherlands, IFBB Pro Bodybuilder, 77k IG followers

"I like to use the Angles90 grips for one-handed pulling exercises at the cable machine using the underhandgrip."

— Arnold Yuto, NPCJ MOLA CUP Physique Overall Champion, Japan

"Literally they are a f___ miracle. Hats off to the Italian company."

— Ash Edelmann, Australia, PCA MM Pro World Champion 2018

"These are absolutely fantastic! I had no elbow pain or discomfort through my whole session last night.”

— Katie barnes — UK, NABBA ATHLETIC FIGURE 2018 2ND PLACE (nur UK)

"I really love the grip. I use it twice a week (at my shoulder and back workout)."

— Bionic Body, France, IFBB Pro, 280k Instagram followers

Powerlifters/ Crossfitters:

"They are pretty bomb and made for grip work. They make WOD’s much more fun actually."

— Stacia Al Mahoe, USA, CrossFitter, Ish 8x All Time World Record Holder, 51k IG followers

"I expected a much smaller grip but it is much better like this."

— Marco Gelmini, Italy, Strong Man competitor -80kg,

"Angles 90 has taken our training to another level here at Fifty Barbell. Using them allows us to get better ranges of motion while allowing our body to dictate the safest most efficient hand position. I love them, they are amazing!"

— Jack mambra, USA, Crossfit gym owner

"Angles90 grips have been a big help for me in keeping my shoulders and elbows healthier through out my Rugby season."

— Ben franks, New Zealand, former player at the NL National Rubgy Team and Crossfit gym owner

"Deadlifting in the neutral grip actually has benefits for conventional deadlifts in terms of strength increase. It’s nice being able to do everything at one bar now."

— Norbert Oberburger, Italy, weightlifter, Olympic Games winner in 1984 (category – 110kg)



"Thank you for this awesome product. It doesn’t make my workout more showy but definitely more efficient."

— Mike Smart, Spain, WCO REPZ Champion 2018, 37k IG followers

"Totally recommendable for those who want more freedom of movement in their pull-up workouts."

— Onur Sezer, Austria, Calisthenics Champions finalist `17 & `18; Ninja warrior Austria `17

“It’s interesting that normal pull-ups become harder now. Archer Pull-ups, though, simply feel better as my joints are experiencing less stress.”

— Latwist, Germany’s Calisthenics vice champion 2018

"I loved them by the 1st time I saw them at Bodypower Expo."

— Brendan Cosso, CEO of World Calisthenics Organisation, 142k IG follower, USA

Currently testing:

Chip Morton, Trainer of NFL Team Cincinnati Bengals, USA

Michelle Siegel, Dr. of Chiropractic D.C. and personal trainer at Gold's Gym, USA

Camilla Cantelli Mortensen, US Navy Strength and Movement Coach, USA 

Mika Sihvonen, Finland, IFBB Elite Pro World Champion 2018 -90kg

John Kwon, South Korea,  IFBB Classic Physique Pro, Olympia Pro Card holder, 45k IG followers

Dr. Nick Helton, USA, doctor of physical therapy (DPT) & orthopedic clinical specialist (OCS), 150k followers on IG

Shaun Stafford, UK, 2xPro Fitness World Champion, cover model at men’s fitness

Julien Kang, professional fitness travel blogger, 75k followers on Instagram