A90 Online Coaching (English)

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The best equipment and motivation won't be of much help if you don't know how to use them.

Do you see a similarity?

You learned driving a car through a teacher, because a) you will need that skill for a lifetime and b) because it's simply too risky without having the needed know-how.

Advantages of doing a personal coaching online?

  • Time and space independent
  • Still get judged (on your exercise form)
  • Get judged by your coach, not by others watching

"I already know what I'm doing". Are you sure?

  • Are you reaching your fitness goals as fast as you thought?
  • Are or were you suffering from an injury?
  • If not - are you sure your exercise form is correct just because you didn't get hurt yet?

... sorry to be pessimistic here, but lifting weights should be taken more seriously (1 out of 3 lifters, for example, suffer(ed) from shoulder injuries only)

What the A90 Online Coach can teach you:

  • prevent, rehab or work around injuries
  • build size and strength
  • learn how to best use Angles90 products for your needs
  • maintain fitness levels with minimal effort everywhere

    Who is it?

    • Mr. Mike Mackey, CA
    • Bachelor of science (Kinesiology)
    • 15 years of training & coaching experience
    • Titles: CSEP-CPT, Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist©, EIMC, NCCP Multi-Sport Coach

    What the A90 Online Coaching offers:

    • 1-to-1 video call for 30 min 
    • Written summary & action plan after the call
    • 60 exclusive workout videos incl. PDF's for outdoors & gym (find 1 example in the pictures)

    How does it work?

    • We email you a 3 min survey about your coaching objectives after your order.
    • Also, there you can choose a free time slot directly inside Mike's online calendar.
    • That's it! Your coach will prepare himself and call videocall you then!

    Make more out of the countless hours you spend on lifting weights now!