A90 Homemade Weight


Package Includes:

  • 19x19 inch net (48x48cm) with 440lb (200kg) loading capacity
  • one carabiner
  • wooden Angles90 logo

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Simple, yet never seen before in the world of fitness.

The A90 Homemade Weight makes weight training possible without conventional weight plates. How? Our high-quality customized rope net allows you to lift  "homemade" weights like stones, sandbags, bricks, bottles and more - mainly through your pulley.

Another equally valuable benefit: When using your pulley's loading pin, you know the hassle of loading and later unloading single plates (and in the worst case do the same for your barbell or dumbbell). Now, instead, simply put your already loaded dumbbell(s) into the net and start lifting!

Lift anything you want

and add weight plates faster

Faster Setup

Faster Setup
Add or unload weights without having to detach the net from the pulley first (which you would have to do using a loading pin!).

Strong and flexible

Strong and flexible
Big enough for bottle crates, small enough for 5lb plates. The 19x19 inch (48x48cm) net can be loaded up to 440lb (200kg).


Attach the carabiner to any part of the net. This way you can change the overall pulley length without too much hassle.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Amy Huby
Weight Net

Another great product.
Also great customer service, I ordered it and accidentally sent to my old address but was able to contact customer services and this was sorted straightaway.

Dave Peters

Very smart gear, and very professional site. Have, and will keep recommending:)

Matthew Lee
Perfect addition to home gym

I purchased the complete system (grips, pulley system, and etc) and everything worked better than anticipated.

Christopher Horning
Love it!!

As always with every angle 90 product great quality and functionality. Love them!!😁❤

Mark Lorenz Buenning
Awesome idea. Sturdy, changed my idea of pulleys

So much easier to throw stuff in than using a loading pin. I love it.