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A90 Buddy Set
A90 Buddy Set
A90 Buddy Set
A90 Buddy Set
A90 Buddy Set
A90 Buddy Set
A90 Buddy Set
A90 Buddy Set
A90 Buddy Set
A90 Buddy Set
A90 Buddy Set
A90 Buddy Set

A90 Buddy Set

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For friends, family and clients (timely limited offer!)

Package includes: 2 x Angles90 grip pairs

Fewer joint injuries
>> More natural grip positions  

New muscle stimuli
>> More range of motion (ROM)

 More functional training
>> More body tension required

Customer Reviews

Based on 81 reviews
Smooth strong grip

Angles90 is just what I was looking for to hang from my pull up bar to give me versatile grip options. I like to long arm hang with me feet supporting some of my weight on a bench and allow my grip on the Angles90 to gently swivel to get mobility moving through my shoulders, lats, mid back, low back, and hips. This is it!!!

Great gift

It’s great. I use them for back and shoulder workouts. Really helps with my mobility issues. Highly recommended

Very versatile!

I love using the handles to train upper and lower body. Excellent grip, very comfortable and lifting heavier with them.

Great for rehab!!!

Had my neck fused a year ago...

Chins went from 10-12 to absolute ZERO. Nerve damage wrecked my left side... forearms are still barely 50%

Angle 90 has helped tremendously. Being able to dynamically alter hand and grip position mid-rep has been the key.

Love your product!!!

Liking them so far!

After seeing all those adds I decided to give them a try. First impression is that the construction is of good quality, sturdy, they are heavy and feel solid.
My first test was to go directly to the pull-ups. I tried pronated, neutral, supinated and alternating grips and what a surprise. Yes, they do work and feel different. A lot of lat engagement and contraction.
I haven't tried many exercises as I think in many cases they will work just as a regular handle in the gym but for some specific moves, yes, they do make a difference. Even if I don't use them for a wide variety of moves, I am happy with the pull-ups.
I am also recovering from a finger injury so hopefully will help work on my grip strength.

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