A90 Resistance Band


Package Includes:

  • One black band (40lb/18kg)
  • One blue band (20lb/9kg)
  • Four carabiners
  • Exclusive workout sheet (30+ exercises)

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    Bands combined with handles enable more exercises. Bands with proper handles enable a better grip too. Last but not least, handles on bands also provide a better power transition, so that more strength can be developed and used.

    When and where? Upgrade your home gym, work out while travelling or just add variety to your outdoor park sessions! Not without a reason, bands have been on the market for ages.

    Compared to using Angles90 grips alone (mainly for pull movements), the A90 Resistance Bands provide more angles, new stimuli and less joint stress for your whole body.

    Not only for when you are traveling!

    Finisher sets, warm-ups, supersets and simply lots of new stimuli!

    Multiple bands

    Multiple bands
    Use several bands for exercises like chest press, deadlifts or lunges! Or simply keep a second pair of bands at a different location or machine for supersets.


    When standing on your bands, shorten them for more resistance without the hassle of moving your legs by simply shortening the attached Angles90 Grips!

    Different Stimulus

    Different Stimulus
    The changing resistance curve provides a new stimuli for growth compared to exercises with a suspension trainer or weights. The resistance on bands increases towards the end of the concentric movement.

    Anchor & longevity

    Anchor & longevity
    Do not attach your bands to sharp or rough objects like trees. If you do, only do it through the A90 Sling Trainer which can serve as a height-adjustable anchor.

    More resistance

    For machines or leg presses

    Less resistance

    For pull-ups, dips and other calisthenics movements

    Customer Reviews

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    Sunny Yang

    A90 Resistance Band

    Piotr Hawryl

    Wszystko w doskonałej jakości.

    Trevor Allan
    Super versatile. A must have.

    I love these. The grips have been a mainstay in my gym bag for some time. I added the Sling Trainer and bands recently for my home gym and they're also fantastic.
    They're super versatile and have made my sessions even more dynamic.

    Vanessa Frisch
    order never arrived

    my order never arrived yet!!! please send it!

    Hello Vanessa. Very strange. What does your tracking code say? Anyways, please contact our support team ( support@angles90.com ). They will solve the problem, whatever it is. Cheers, Simon

    Jon Gramm
    Angles 90 Gear, sales, service, and use

    I could not be happier with my purchase of the gear!
    The sale was smooth as silk, it arrived in a timely fashion, and the equipment is awesome!

    I can not recommend it enough!


    What is the resistance of the bands?

    There are two bands included in the package: Blue Band = 9kg/20lb Black Band = 18kg/40lb. You can obviously use them together too.

    How can I train from a higher anchor with the resistance bands?

    Just set-up your A90 Sling Trainer to a high bar or tree and connect it with your Resistance Band. This is also beneficial for the durability of your bands because you do not have to attach them to a rough surface.

    Is it possible to do assisted pull-ups with your A90 Resistance Bands?

    Of course! Simply tie the bands carabiner to the lowest point of your Angles90 grip straps. Please have a look at the following video: Assisted pull-ups